Sending an invitation to shareholders for the annual general meeting should be an easy task, right? Well, post-trade professionals know it is not, when you scale it up to all shareholders and issuers. On stage with PostTrade 360° Copenhagen, VP Securities’ Morten Skanning lined out a new solution to manage it. 

[This is an update, now with the video, of the original news post from the conference day, 23 September.]

As Morten Skanning gave his presentation, it was a few weeks since the new shareholder rights directive, SRD II, came into force, and Denmark’s CSD VP Securities had launched a new service to support the communication with the shareholders under it. 

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“This gives a new way of working together between the CSD and the issuer, and I think we will have closer cooperation in the future,” said product manager Morten Skanning. 

On SRD II, Morten Skanning noted that there is still unclarities in the legal framework. 

“We can expect amendments to the standards across Europe.”

Morten Skanning urged caution for those involved with scheduling exact times for meetings in systems that support them. 

“It uses UTC, so if you enter local time, all times will be wrong.” 

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