Securities lenders across the world earned 9.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2022, while broker-to-broker lending produced another 2.7 billion dollars, market-data provider DataLend reports.

As a solutions and data provider in securities finance, EquiLend – through its market-data service DataLend – keeps the market’s totals under its looking glass. The 9.9 billion dollars in revenue for lenders in 2022 meant a 6.6-percent increase over the year before – and almost 30 percent up over 2020, when the corresponding number was 7.7 billion. The figures are in a press release from the company.

The global broker-to-broker activity comes on top, adding 2.7 billion dollars after a 3.1-percent decrease from 2021.

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“According to DataLend, the improvement in lender-to-broker revenue over 2021 was primarily driven by the strong performance of corporate debt in the lending markets, which saw a $317 million increase in total revenue. Corporate debt fees were up 67.9%, and when combined with an 8.6% increase in on-loan balances, made for a banner year in the asset class,” writes EquiLend.