Book Wednesday 3 June! PostTrade 360° reframes its popular live events into web conference format. For post-trade professionals across Europe and the world, this means you can be with us on the day without any conference fee or travel costs. Let your colleague know!

Virus lockdowns have led to postponement of the planned PostTrade 360° conferences in Oslo and Copenhagen – yet the need for industry-wide discussion and alignment may never have been greater than this spring. A swift move to establish the PostTrade 360° Web Summit 2020 is intended to fill the void.

The agenda will develop, but you can already sign up here for the online event on 3 June. Do it today!


Do you know the perfect speaker?

Daniele Truini, PostTrade 360°.

“Truly enlightening content, and a generous atmosphere of sharing, are values that delegates to our physical conferences have come to expect. While nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting, we spare no effort to introduce a state-of-the-art digital platform that preserves the maximum of the interaction on all levels”, says Daniele Truini, head of PostTrade 360°.

Given the tight time frame, Daniele Truini invites you to assist by proposing and connecting us with potential speakers on the industry’s current topics – whether relating to the epidemic or not. Please contact Daniele via e-mail or on LinkedIn.

“Nobody has welcomed this situation, but as we are here we are excited about the unique strengths that the digital meeting places can have. They enable a greater reach, and we hope to catalyse industry discussions that may be more important in this situation than ever,” says Daniele Truini.

Same site – new format

Production will be centered in a studio in Stockholm, Sweden – actually built up at the Hotel At Six which hosted 300 delegates for PostTrade 360° Stockholm in February. Speakers could participate remotely, though.

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(Main photo: Maddi Bazzocco / Unsplash)