Facing the impacts of the global pandemic on the securities services industry, ISSA suggests methods of best practice.

ISSA’s New Norm Working Group has published the third in a series of articles dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest one highlights why firms must review their approach to, and understanding of, operational resilience in the future. 

In each article, the working group suggests potential solutions and guidance on best practice assisting institutions in managing the current situation and how to position themselves positively for the future. 


The first article discussed the challenges in managing unconventional working methods. The second focused on facing obstacles, as well as opportunities, created in the development of a shared approach to the adoption of electronic signatures.

In a separate news release, ISSA has also announced three new board members of the association: 

• Till Rosar, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at HKEX. 

• Pierre Khemdoudi, Global Head of Equities and Senior Vice President at IHS Markit. 

• Ivan Nicora, Head of Investor Services at Euroclear.