“It’s 2030, and it’s the middle of the night …” The industry’s reality ten years from now is the starting point for a new vision whitepaper by Northern Trust.

By Justin Chapman and Howard Rapley, Northern Trust

It’s 2030, and it’s the middle of the night. Despite the time, a pension fund manager is awake, and wants to access settlement data for two digital currency transactions. They then want to see all the pension scheme’s assets across all systems and geographies and platforms, in a single book of record, at T+0. They don’t have to worry about reconciliation data, because reconciliation no longer exists. But they want to leverage their securities service providers’ technology to run several investment scenarios to decide what hedging programmes to adopt across a range of assets. And they want to do all of this on their digital device.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Custodians have always adapted their operations to keep pace with the ever changing requirements of their clients. However, as the industry transitions to digital ecosystems, the pace of change will continue to increase and they will need to be more flexible, agile and creative than ever before.

In our new white paper, we explore a vision of 2030 and how global custodians will act as digital conduits for clients –
• Providing powerful analysis and actionable insights to enable better investment decision making
• Enabling access to a diverse and expanding array of digital assets and cryptocurrencies
• Guaranteeing the timeliness, quality and accessibility of data with instant settlement and real-time reporting and auditing

Download Northern Trust’s whitepaper here: Custody re-imagined

Justin Chapman is Global Executive, Securities Services – Global Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research
Howard Rapley is Global Product Lead, Securities Services