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Could the post-trade industry finally shift focus from regulatory requirements to customer-focused service innovation? Well, you might want to see more evidence – but if this 18-page event magazine for PostTrade 360° Amsterdam is any indication, that could be the case.


Regular readers may recognize articles from our recent Copenhagen issue, but the cover interview with Henk Brink – chairman of the Dutch Advisory Committee on the Securities Industry (DACSI) – still has wet ink. Many of the other articles are contributed by our sponsors across the industry.

Let us tease you with the contents: 

The post-trade landscape
• “And by the way, did we just save the world’s markets?”  2 
• “Every single asset class was being sold” – Covid-19 puts post trade to toughest test since Lehman. Here’s how we coped  4
• Agenda for the digital PostTrade 360° Amsterdam 2020 event on 28 October  5–6

Find your future faster – with this post-trade map. DACSI’s Henk Brink, who will also speak in the conference, presents his organization’s mapping of four plausible industry scenarios for the next 5–10 years. 8

Our sponsors’ future predictions
• SIX on how you’ll hunt down that alpha 10
• ERI boots up the time machine 12
• Northern Trust comforts a sleepless fund manager in 2030 14
• EuroCCP on what joining Cboe will bring 16

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