Communication platform providers Taskize (owned by Euroclear) and Symphony have presented a system integration effort “to allow real-time collaboration between operations teams using Taskize and front-office users of Symphony”.

Unveiled on 23 May at the Symphony Innovate London 2023 conference, the integration is said to provide interoperability between the Taskize and Symphony, so that back-end users of the former and front-end users of the latter can “share a live view of the trade exception or settlement issue that is automatically synchronised”.

According to Taskize, this will allow users of both platforms to collaborate without resorting to “slow traditional methods such as phone or email”. They will also be able to stay on their platform of choice without the need to “copy and paste information from one system to another”, which is expected to improve resolution speed and reduce risk. Taskize has said that making post-trade resolution more seamless and accurate is integral in the move towards a T+1 settlement cycle.

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