Getting a coherent picture of blockchain trends can be a challenge – but for anybody interested in the real world of Dutch banks, this panel of PostTrade 360° Amsterdam offered the natural starting point. Meet representatives of three banks in a talk led by Alpha FMC’s Olivia Vinden. You find the full-session video here.

[This is an update, now with the video, of the original news post from the conference day, 28 October.]

Panelists were: 
Mariana Gómez de la Villa, Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology, ING
Claudia Terpstra, Blockchain Specialist, Rabobank, and 
Martijn Siebrand, Innovation Manager Digital Assets, ABN AMRO.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

The talk was moderated by Olivia Vinden, Director, Alpha FMC.

The participants could list many examples of projects they are active in. Even so, many hurdles are still there, such as in regulation, and Mariana Gómez de la Villa cautioned against thinking of blockchain ventures as cost savings. 

“You need to invest a lot of not only time resources: you need to learn, you need to educate people around you. One of the major hurdles is probably regulation … or the lack of regulation, right?” she says. 

“We need to comply with regulation that we currently have, bring in the regulation towards where we foresee it will go – and, among all that, still deploy enterprise grade properly compliant solutions, to prove actually the points we are trying to experiment with.”

Claudia Terpstra agreed. 

“I think we can improve on working better together as well. I think what really helps in the Netherlands is that we have the Dutch blockchain coalition, for example, that brings together government bodies, banks, corporates and knowledge institutions to work smoother together. But I think this is also something that’s really challenging for us, because it requires a whole different, and new, way of thinking – which also takes time.”

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