Together with Singapore-based fintech BondEvalue, global custodian Northern Trust says it has completed what it believes to be the world’s first trade of a fractionalised blockchain-based bond. As part of the PostTrade 360° Copenhagen event on 23–24 September, you can enjoy a presentation of the project (remotely if you like).

“BondEvalue’s platform combines the power of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to enable enhanced transparency, liquidity and faster settlement, while making institutional grade investment opportunities available to new classes of investors,” the companies state in their press release.

This year’s PostTrade 360° Copenhagen conference will see Northern Trust’s head of market advocacy and innovation research for the Asian and Pacific region, Danielle Henderson, participate from across the globe to share her experience of what the companies have achieved. The agenda will be emerging on the event website, where you will also be able to sign up as a delegate, free of charge.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Northern Trust and BondEvalue struck a strategic partnership agreement in November 2019, and have since developed their application in the “regulatory sandbox” environment hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

“Digital assets bring significant benefits to both the end investor and all participants within the value chain as they improve trust and liquidity within market segments as a result of the immutable record. An additional benefit of fractionalised ownership of digital assets is the ability to open up institutional bond markets to more investor types – this is a positive step forward for broadening financial inclusion,” says Justin Chapman, global head of market advocacy and innovation research at Northern Trust, in the press release.

(Photo: Ai Feng / Unsplash)