Finlands financial IT industry sees a heavyweight move, as Juha Leinonkoski leaves his executive vice president role at bank platform provider Samlink, for a CIO and technology director position with Euroclear Finland.

As Juha Leinonkoski describes on his Linkedin page, his senior position with Samlink dates back to 2012, and included responsibility for the firm’s solution business and software.

As PostTrade 360 noted, Samlink was acquired by global IT vendor Cognizant earlier this year. Samlink is a main provider of software for the Finnish banking industry, including a full retail banking platform. Until the Cognizant merger, Samlink was even owned by a consortium of leading banks.

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Predecessor will focus on Sweden

At Euroclear Finland, Juha Leinonkoski takes over the responsibility after Kamal Iberraken, who has been the CIO/CTO for Euroclear in both Finland and Sweden, but who will now devote his full time to Sweden.