[VIDEO] “Artificial intelligence”, AI, is becoming an everyday work mate for a rapidly growing proportion of the finance-industry workforce. With PostTrade 360° Helsinki on Wednesday, JP Morgan’s Daniel Borrajo shared a long list of examples of how his organisation is applying the technology.

Scanning deal documents for indications of sustainability-related investments is just one of the many ways in which JP Morgan is currently applying AI-based tools.

According to the giant bank’s AI research director Daniel Borrajo, more than 80 projects are rolling.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

In the conference he shared briefs on several:
• As the banks staff generates 8 million powerpoint slides per year, ways are sought to generate them automatically from specified data or based on human talk.
• Automated predictions based on visual curves are introduced as a complement to traditional series analysis.
• Optimising the way in which staff returns to office, post-covid.
• Detecting ESG trends … based on what corporate earnings calls talk about over time.
• Automated identification of ESG related deals.

A common application of AI is to extract and structure information from non-formal documents; the main picture to this article gives an illustration.

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