VIDEO | Increasing attack rates in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine have raised the already-high urgency of IT security. But it is not just “a thing that IT will fix” – it takes good teamwork between business and IT to do it in a purposeful way. At PostTrade 360° Stockholm, SEB’s investor services organisation described how it has worked to identify and focus security efforts on its operational “crown jewels”.

This session was sponsored by SEB

In what order should we restart services after a close caused by cyberattacks? The simple question exemplifies how IT and business decisions combine.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

The session featured Information Security & Cyber Risk Manager Susanne Öhrn, together with Ronny Sinjari, Risk Manager. Event moderator Göran Fors also took part, having been deeply involved in the effort in his capacity as SEB’s Deputy Head of Investor Services.

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