Recent system-provider handshakes in the custody industry include HSBC going for “a seamless post-trade workflow through product and data integrations” in collaboration with Bloomberg, and BNY Mellon’s pick of Amundi Technology’s ALTO platform “to ensure trustee controls and compliance monitoring for depositary and fund administration duties”.

The announcements were made here by Bloomberg and here by BNY Mellon.

HSBC’s integration with Bloomberg AIM serves to produce “a more streamlined front-to-back user experience for mutual clients”.


“This integration brings together Bloomberg AIM, a leading investment and order management system, with HSBC’s middle office technology and operational expertise to help support efficient real-time trade management processes, including matching and settlement,” Bloomberg writes – going on to quote HSBC’s head of middle office for securities services, Alan Plom:

“We see this as a natural evolution to our strategy of providing connectivity directly to our clients’ preferred front office solutions,” he says.

Based on open-source

At BNY Mellon, it is said that the selected ALTO Investment Compliance system “provides a powerful and flexible open-source, private cloud-based technology and covers the entire trustee control value chain”, including rule coding interfaces (around regulatory, prospectus or client-specific constraints), interactive breach management, and oversight dashboards.