VIDEO | Financial services are increasingly being moved to the cloud – a solution touted as more agile, scalable, and secure. Mathew Kathayanat, Head of Product for Securities Services in APAC at Deutsche Bank joined us virtually at PostTrade 360° Copenhagen to give a glimpse of how cloud computing is transforming the fintech industry and what the future of custody could look like.

The session was sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

Mathew Kathayanat spoke at the conference virtually, via a Teams call all the way from Singapore. It was a set-up that, as he pointed out, coincidentally mirrored the capabilities of cloud. “I’m speaking to you from Singapore; I could work anywhere – the office is anywhere,” he says. Likewise, with cloud, “custody data could be anywhere at at your fingertips, or at your clients’ fingertips. Anyone who needs to see it can see it.”

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Real-life application

He illustrated with a real-life example of a recent client request: “They wanted us to send data in a way that is transparent to their clients… They wanted to tell their clients at which stage in the settlement chain their trade is, who the next actor in the chain is, when that actor will act on it, and at what time. They wanted to see all of this across the entire chain so that all parties see this, and the cloud is enabling that.”

“Increasingly, we are using the power of the cloud to digitise this entire chain… being more real-time, giving transparency to all the actors in the chain, and trying to make life easier and more digital. Cloud is the canvas on which I think the future of this industry is going to be painted.”

Watch the session video here!

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