EU market supervisor ESMA announces changes to details in its Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). Most updates are with non-equity-focussed RTS 2, where instructions change somewhat on how to fill in certain fields and flags when reporting for transparency, including the fields for “Price”, “Price notation”, “Quantity”, and “Notional amount”.

The amendments have been proposed by the European Commission, and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has said it sees no problem. The document can be found here, with the list of actual changes starting on page 6.

On the flag side, RTS 2 sees the introduction of a new flag, for “Portfolio trade”, prescribed for transactions “in five or more different financial instruments where those transactions are traded at the same time by the same client and against a single lot price and that is not a ‘package transaction’ as referred to in Article 1(1)”.