VIDEO | Pledging securities as collateral for borrowing money by repo can be a great thing when needed. But will it be possible to do fast enough to save the business when things get really tough? Against a background including the UK “mini budget” financial disaster and its trouble for pension funds a year ago, this panel in Copenhagen discussed how the institutional investor side could benefit from better liquidity transparency and agility.

Following after the part 1 session, which covered the sell-side perspective on intraday liquidity management, this session formed part 2, with a focus on the asset managers as well as corporations and their treasury activities.

Panellists were
Nick Jepson, Chief Revenue Officer, Planixs,
Christopher Hess, Partner and Director, Hesmur, and
Monie Lindsey, Advisory Board Member, CompleXCountries,
under moderation by Olaf Ransome, Founder, 3C Advisory LLC.


Many people are accustomed to thinking of the “buy sides” as a relatively sleepy form of financial-market stakeholder. They’d buy, then they’d hold. Today, activities are often sped up remarkably, with trading at high velocity, and assets across broad spectre. Thus, increasingly, seeking inspiration from operational practices on the sell side could be a wise thing to do.

Read also the teaser interview we wrote after interviewing Nick and Christopher before the event.

Watch the session video here!

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