[VIDEO] Having been interim for some time, Niels Hjort Rotendahl is now confirmed as the permanent CEO of Denmark’s Euronext-owned CSD, VP Securities. On stage at PostTrade 360° Copenhagen, he gave an update of the situation.

In the format of a “ringside chat” – meant to open for critical questions – Niels Hjort Rotendahl was interviewed by Hugo Sundkjer, head of strategy of TietoEVRY Wealth’s business development and sales.

In line with explicit wishes from the user side, Niels Hjort Rotendahl expressed an ambition to boost standardisation and harmonisation, to let his organisation be relevant and competitive. A will to invest from the side of owner group Euronext, now operating four European CSDs, should enable development. This did not mean promises of lower fees by Niels Hjort Rotendahl.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“But we will consider how the market prioritises the projects.”

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