Regulatory scrutiny on liquidity management in financial services firms has been heightened in recent years, but the time might soon come when all involved could lighten up a little. Instant payment-versus-payment (PvP) settlement – even with currrency exchange – is a reality that might not be far off in the horizon, promising transactions with no settlement risk. Get insights into sell-side perspectives on intraday liquidity management at the upcoming PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024 conference. Have you gotten your ticket yet?

The key to achieving intraday, real-time liquidity might lie in new tools, such as DLT-based payment solutions and intraday repo marketplaces – the latter of which has been achieved by Finteum. On stage on 4 September in the panel titled “Intraday liquidity management, part 1: The sell-side themes”, operations veteran Olaf Ransome will explore the subject with Finteum co-founder and CEO Brian Nolan.

Joining them will be Nick Jepson of Liquidity Consultants, Ross Dilworth of RDX Strategy, and Nicolas Nadeau of the National Bank of Canada.


They will attempt to answer some pertinent questions: What are some of the new tools for intraday, real-time liquidity management and is an intraday repo market the be-all and end-all for achieving it? Are our current capabilities for margin management good enough? Are we paying enough attention to the cost of liquidity, and will DLT and tokenisation change anything?

Ross Dilworth, Consultant, RDX Strategy
Nick Jepson, Founder, Liquidity Consultants
Nicolas Nadeau, Senior Manager – Intraday Liquidity, National Bank of Canada

Brian Nolan, co-founder and CEO, Finteum

Olaf Ransome, Director, 3C Advisory

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