VIDEO | The tone was positive as this Thursday panel of PostTrade 360° Copenhagen evaluated the migration last month at Finnish CSD Euroclear Finland, to the EU’s Target2-Securities platform for securities settlement. Overall, market-participant representatives Christine Strandberg of SEB and Marcello Topa of Citi welcomed the move as a step towards increasing standardisation.

As the EU’s securities-settlement system backbone T2S added Finland to its many existing participant nations, one could believe the change would be marginal. Though, in terms of holding accounts, Finland’s direct holding system – with one account per each of the country’s 2,3 million individual shareholder – meant a five-fold multiplication or so of the number of accounts on the whole T2S system. Still, Jani Viskari of Euroclear Finland could open by reporting that the shift “went really well”.

The session was led by track moderator and industry advisor Virginie O’Shea.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

So how did the implementation look from the Eurosystem side? Enjoy also our recent video interview with Dimitri Pattyn, the ECB’s official responsible for the Target systems, including T2S.

Watch the session video here!

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