Now that the US is on T+1, and the UK is preparing for it, Europe has to decide what to do. What are the important considerations? Why is enthusiasm so muted? What is the route ahead? Join Alan Cameron of BNP Paribas on 4 September at the PostTrade 360° Nordic conference as he delves into Europe’s inevitable transition to a shorter settlement cycle. Have you gotten your tickets yet?

From Europe’s fragmented market to the time zone differences in FX, Cameron has been a strong voice on stage at our conferences, sharing his analysis of our region’s unique challenges in a shorter settlement cycle.

With America’s move now behind us, Cameron will once again take the stage at the upcoming PostTrade 360° conference in the session titled “Is faster better? Understanding T+1”. This time, with the benefit of hindsight, he will look at potential operational issues under T+1, risk reduction, as well as the story so far in Europe’s transition.

Alan Cameron is Head of Advisory FIC Client Line, BNP Paribas.


• The consolidated PostTrade 360° Nordic conference, in Stockholm on 4–5 September 2024, is planned to host 1,000+ delegates. 
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