Ok, we started out as a one-off in connection with our Stockholm event in late February – so whether this is the first grain of a periodical will remain a cliff-hanger question for all of us for some time. Anyway, check us out!

All said, we are darn proud of our debut on paper!

Most of the content is insight material contributed from a large number among the sponsors of the PostTrade 360° Stockholm conference. And then we packed it with some of our own, independently produced, editorial content. All in all, we hope you will find pleasant post-trade reading, covering a broad spectre of current post-trade topics.


Fund administration
Let’s re-platform! – Storebrand scrapped 10+ legacy systems while moving 800 billion kroner. Meet COO Arne Martin Moen – 3

The Post-Trade landscape
BNP Paribas on what the COO is becoming 6
SIX on where we are all going 8

Long story long – SEB reboots its global custody (The 25-year version) 10
BNY Mellon on how tokenization opens illiquid assets to
investors 14
Swedbank on the world of partnerships 16

Danske Bank on the regional rise of OTC derivatives clearing 17
Clearing controversy – Should your town’s CCP be its rescue squad or its tough sheriff? 18
EuroCCP on last year and next 20

VP Securities on the case for European market harmonisation 22

Brokerway on Paul McCartney 25
ERI on the sparkling beauty of corporate actions 26

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