The postponements are due to the evident complexities around the coronavirus outbreak. Please update your calendar, keep your ticket and – and stay in touch digitally!
Post trade professionals’ need for insight will stay as big as ever this year and going forward, and so will the need for meeting points to share ideas and strike business partnerships. We stay committed to enabling this, with a long-term view.
Like our delegates, we are obviously frustrated about this current block to our important live event channel, but will continue to explore the digital complements that are now evidently needed. For us, this grows from this news site and its newsletter, as well as our popular LinkedIn flow where we double-post our news to support the industry’s remote networking (feel encouraged to check it out and klick the Follow button).
For any question or suggestion you have, we aim to be readily available for your contact.
Daniele Truini
Head of PostTrade 360°
+46-72-243 41 73
Kim Ersson
Commercial relations
+46-70-149 53 31
Alexander Kristofersson
Editor of PostTrade 360°
+46-73-947 11 95