[VIDEO] Sustainability is complex, and as requirements get regulated many questions arise across investment operations. On Wednesday, a panel at PostTrade 360° Helsinki looked into how to deal with it.

Alan Goodrich, Regional Sales Manager of ERI led the panel made up of …
Stefan Lukacs, Head of Investment Strategy, SEB,
Janine Hofer-Wittwer, CFA, Senior Product Manager Sustainability, Financial Information, SIX, and
Corinne Neale, Global Head of Business Applications, Data & Analytics Solutions, BNY Mellon.

Three aspects were discussed specifically:
• Consistency (data and scoring) – Asking whether and when the current babble can/will become something uniform and clearly understood by all market participants? 
• Performance – Asking whether the current positive performance of ESG investments is simply a natural bubble created by the inflows of capital – when everyone is buying, the price inevitably goes up, but what happens when the market reaches saturation?
• Impact – Asking whether ESG investment is going to have the impact we expect or hope for? Is it our silver bullet, or are we deluding ourselves. Is the anticipated great wealth transfer to the next generation going to come too late to realise the level of investment and commitment really needed?


It is estimated in the market that over USD 40 trillion has already been committed into funds and companies in the ESG space. 

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