VIDEO | Interviews with leaders from 50 public asset owner institutions, holding 9 trillion dollars, went into a recent study by BNY Mellon, tells EMEA COO Christine Mikolajuk. On stage in Helsinki, she discussed with co-BNY Mellonite Duncan Cooper how they are seeking to be bolder and more creative in their search for yield, and how they are ready to challenge and change every element of their operations.

The session was sponsored by BNY Mellon.

More than half of the covered institutions are already underway with operational transformations.


For many firms, this could be easier said than done, as the fight for talent is getting fierce. With finance getting more data intensive, the people you seek could well be the same ones that are courted by (other) digital industries.

Christine Mikolajuk is seeing a clear move from a traditional focus on where to find the yields, to a more operations-focused mindset. And notably, only 6 percent of the respondents were satisfied with their current operating model. Half of the companies could not name a single-point person as being responsible for the operating model.

Christine Mikolajuk sees a strong trend towards front-to-back office integration of workflows, with firms taking either of two main approaches. Some lean on system providers extending the scope of their platforms to be all-covering (like SimCorp adding front-office capabilities, or Aladdin, coming from front-office order management but now developing also in the post-trade process). Others try to pick best-of-breed pieces for each of the different links along the process, then getting the modules to speak with each other.

Christine Mikolajuk is Chief Operating Officer, Global Client Management, EMEA, BNY Mellon

Duncan Cooper is Head of OMNI Digital Services, EMEA and APAC, BNY Mellon

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