As low-fee funds have taken center stage across the world, Norway’s KLP Kapitalforvaltning – founded in 1949 – has been positioned just right. In Wednesday’s PostTrade 360° Oslo conference, Harald Harlem described the operational tricks enabling his company to doing two thirds of Norway’s index management on 72 employees.

Overall, the organisation is currently in the process of moving towards a cloud and data-lake structure. Already, the costs are at 6,2 basis points, though, supporting assets under management of near 600 billion NOK. On its systems, KLP manages 10.000 investments across 16.500 savings plans for 110.000 retail clients.

“We do see IT as a core asset, for the long term,” said Harald Harlem, who is KLP Kapitalforvaltning’s head of investment management services.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

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