Martha Fee, chief operating officer of Northern Trust Asset Management – speaking in the PostTrade 360° Stockholm conference – lined out how the coronavirus crisis might be contributing to innovation in efficiency on many levels – including both technology and how we interact with each other.

“To me, covid-19 has, in many ways, proven to be a great catalyst – an enabler to accelerate our technology agenda. We’ve also been able to seek out operational efficiencies and ways that perhaps we were not forced to do previously,” said Martha Fee.

“For us, covid-19 afforded us the opportunity to instill a new mindset into our teams. One of the ways we approached this was to task our managers and teams with what we called reprioritization homework. What could they stop doing, reduce or deprioritize?. Operations partners self-identifying that they needed to stop, pause and reevaluate in order to focus on transform – meetings and email traffic being simple examples. Did we really need three people from the same team in that meeting? What can we delegate? Could a morning virtual team huddle cut out the need for additional meetings and those 10 emails that subsequently follow with oodles of people cc:d? Some simple yet effective way to be more agile, to free up that precious commodity: time.”


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