Infrastructure that is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is one of the changes as crypto joins traditional assets in the institutional financial salon. Yet, the principles stay the same. This panel of PostTrade 360° Amsterdam on 13 October dug into the distinctions between what is changing and what stays the same.

One could debate the nature of cryptocurrencies, but one thing is beyond doubt: They are here – and asset operationals have to deal with them. Digital assets & their implications on investment operations were substance for afternoon discussion in Amsterdam.

Harry Taylor, Associate Director, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting, Alpha FMC, led the chat with
Maxime de Guillebon, CEO, Zodia, and
Anthony Ferguson, Senior Vice President. Senior Relationship Manager & Head of ETF Services, Northern Trust.


As one example of new phenomena, Maxime de Guillebon mentioned “airdrops” – unconditional transfers of cryptocurrency to your account which you cannot refuse as such. While many people would have no problem with unexpected money coming in, this may not be how a regulated institution prefers it.

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