The network manager role at custodians is a complex one. This much was clear as four network managers shared their views in a Thursday panel at PostTrade 360° Stockholm.

The panel was made up by (left to right):
Ainura Bizhanova, global head of network management at Danske Bank,
Linh Tran, senior VP and head of network at DNB Markets Securities Services,
Alpana Johnsson, head of network management at SEB, and
Ekaterina Rous, network relationship manager at BNP Paribas Securities Services.
Moderator Göran Fors led the talk.

Centered around asset safety, the discussion came to span a broad area of connected topics.


“It is about anything from being a compliance officer, and a risk manager, to making sure you get the right service and have the right contracts. And also to be a lawyer,” said Alpana Johnsson.

Predictions for challenges to watch in 2020 included the introduction of the EU’s second Shareholder Rights Directive, geopolitical changes such as between China and the US, the need for shaped-up crisis management and recovery plans … as well as continuing know-your-customer efforts. Further, inclusion of Saudi Arabian stock in indices could give a need for interaction with custodians there – under legal circumstances that could deserve some digging into.