Agenda, interviews, and interesting articles from the industry … This 24-page pdf paper will get you warmed up on current topics ahead of this year’s PostTrade 360° Oslo event on Wednesday, 26 August.

Click this link to download the magazine as pdf! Let us tease you with the contents:

The post-trade landscape
• “And by the way, did we just save the world’s markets?” 2
• “Every single asset class was being sold” – Covid-19 puts post trade to toughest test since Lehman. Here’s how we coped 3
• Agenda for the digital PostTrade 360° Oslo 2020 event on 26 August 4
• BNP Paribas on how public institutions just took the lead 5  

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

• “With Euronext we can think larger than Norway” – A controversial takeover later, VPS chief Audun Bø finds himself at the centre of a pan-European campaign for CSD domination 8
• Euronext CEO Stéphane Boujnah in PostTrade 360° exclusive on his Nordic CSD conquest 10

• Long story long – SEB reboots global custody (The 25-year version) 12

• BNY Mellon on why advancing ESG standards will yield huge value 16

Tech & innovation
• SIX on how to hunt down that alpha 20
• ERI on the joys of chopping post trade into pieces 22

The full-day PostTrade 360° Oslo is free of charge for the target audience of investment operations professionals. We reserve the right to cancel free registrations for delegates outside the target audience.

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