As administrative processes and technology get increasingly intertwined, non-technical professionals need intuitive ways to tell computers what to do. At PostTrade 360° Stockholm in March, Torstone’s Amrik Thethi revisited the basic logic of cloud- and API-based solutions – but also ventured further into the emerging landscape of “Low-code” – or indeed “No-code”.

An earlier talk by Torstone’s Amrik Thethi, on Cloud and APIs, is one of PostTrade 360°’s most viewed videos so far. Here with the Stockholm conference, we are glad to have Amrik back, going deeper into what is in it for those of us who still don’t see ourselves as the programmers we might be becoming, after all.

PostTrade 360° Stockholm 2021 took place on 25–26 March. News around the event is gathered here
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