SIX has launched SIX Bot, an automated software application built on its corporate actions data that will allow users to “ask intuitive questions relating to corporate actions events”. Hosted on markets’ infrastructure and technology platform Symphony, the application will provide “the latest information on more than 70 corporate actions event types to over 600,000 financial market professionals”. Chat and data integration are provided by real-time data sharing platform ipushpull.

To put in a request, users submit the relevant International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) code to SIX Bot. The application will then return with the corporate actions data, including the event type, key dates, and history, essentially removing dependency on human intervention to fulfill requests.

In a press release, Annelotte De Nanassy, senior product manager of Financial Information at SIX, said that the application will “optimise the current workflow within corporate actions teams, offering higher operational efficiency”.


The launch of SIX Bot follows after the launch of another corporate actions solution by SIX in September this year – the Corporate Action Calendar, which allows for the tracking and monitoring of upcoming corporate actions events.