The digital transformation at the world’s central securities depositories, and the DLT pilots that aim to support a radical change over time, were the topic for a panel at the World Forum of CSDs in Prague on Thursday morning.

CSDs are getting more mature when it comes to understanding tokenisation and other technological trends. This was the overall picture as the panel discussion on the subject played out on the stage in Prague. 

Glen Fernandes, Head of Digital Business Design with Euroclear Group, started out by listing a number of subtopics where he sees the discussion having moved forward fast over the last years. For example, when looking at the efficiency of different solutions, the full process from end to end is now naturally taken into account. Similarly, a more holistic view has developed also in the talk on transparency, or blockchain resilience and sustainability. 


He shared the stage with fellow panelists … 
Alexandre Kech (Moderator), Business Head Digital Securities, SDX,
Martin Watkins, Chief Executive Officer, Montis Group,
Jennifer Peve, Managing Director, Global Head of Strategy and Innovation, DTCC,
Ondřej Dusílek, Chief Executive Officer, CSD Prague, and
Nathan Fenech, Deputy Head, Capital Markets Supervision, Malta Financial Services Authority.

The panel, slotted for a full hour in the agenda, took a broad grip across questions of market architecture, the business case, and the interoperability. 

• The World Forum of Central Securities Depositories runs in Prague 24–26 May 2023. Our coverage of it is listed here.

(Our posts will be low on direct quotes, as the event welcomes journalists on the condition that such must be explicitly confirmed with each speaker, which adds an operational hurdle.)