Broadridge Financial Solutions has unveiled OpsGPT, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to enhance efficiency across the post-trade lifecycle. This new solution leverages Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Model (LLM) technology to provide real-time insights into transactions, settlements, and positions data, aiming to accelerate fail resolutions, identify optimal next steps, and prioritise key risk factors through a user-friendly interface.

OpsGPT addresses the increasing demands of the financial industry, which is grappling with reduced settlement cycles, the pursuit of operational efficiency, and heightened trading volumes. These factors are straining legacy systems and traditional operating models, says Broadrige in a press release.

“OpsGPT acts as a GenAI-powered co-pilot, simplifying and optimising trading operations. It boosts productivity for operations teams by creating transparency in post-trade events and enabling swift risk management,” said Vijay Mayadas, president of Capital Markets at Broadridge.

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Responsible AI practices

The tool is built on data from Broadridge’s global multi-asset post-trade systems. OpsGPT aims to streamline data access, connectivity, and comprehension across various asset classes, thereby enhancing operational productivity.

Broadridge emphasises responsible AI practices, tailoring OpsGPT to the unique needs and challenges of the financial sector. The tool integrates seamlessly with Broadridge’s existing global post-trade solutions, offering clients worldwide a cohesive user experience.

The AI platform also offers flexibility, allowing users to select models based on specific requirements and risk governance processes. With a scalable API interface, clients can switch between models to suit their needs.