VIDEO | Speaking with PostTrade 360° Helsinki on 18 November, SimCorp’s Jacqueline Walsh described her company’s expansion from being a system vendor to also providing the services that those systems are operated in. Investment accounting is one.

“We want to enable our clients to focus on optimising and standardising non-alpha-generating activities,” says Jacqueline Welsh, SimCorp’s vice president of operations and accounting, speaking on the topic labelled “Technology-enabled business services: The next-gen operating model to maximize value and maintain control”.

“What we’ve been moving into recently is a cloud data warehouse that we’ve recently announced, our asset service hub to provide a turnkey solution to plug and play the SimCorp Dimension platform … and what we are going to focus on here is the “investment accounting as a service,” she says, adding that more steps will the follow to move into more operations services to complement the accounting.

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