DLT, AI and cloud … They used to be buzzwords, with a promise to solve kind of everything. But while reality sinks in over diffuse visions, real-life examples of benefits are coming out where participants are on top of what they seek. This year’s Optic 2023 conference, in Brussels on 17–18 October, is seeking to zoom in on the latter, to sum up the state of implementations across the industry.

A brief opening note by James Kemp, AFME’s head of technology and operations (and more), was followed by a panel with … 
Clare Francis, Senior Advisor, Chair and Non-Exec, Provenance Blockchain Foundation,
Philippe Laurensy, Head of Group Strategy, Product Management, and Innovation, Euroclear Group,
Rima Varsy, Head of Investment Technology Europe, Vanguard, and
Stephen Martin, Head of Security Compliance, Amazon Web Services.

A quick poll with the audience indicated that artificial intelligence will be the most impactful technology over the coming few years. Clare Francis suggested looking closer at the potential of DLT, where studies suggest savings of trillions of dollars could be possible.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

The understanding that DLT applications have been slower to develop than was believed, but that plenty of promise remains on a case-to-case basis, was a prominent theme as PostTrade 360° recently asked industry profiles to sum up the past five years in three bullet points; find our still-ongoing interview series here.

The yearly Optic conference, in Brussels on 17–18 October 2023, is hosted by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME). Optic stands for the “Operations, post trade, technology and innovation conference”. PostTrade 360° is there, with our coverage collected here.