Every month, a 40-organization-strong post-trade group within the Global Blockchain Business Council meets – and experts at legal firm Norton Rose Fulbright have the task of briefing the members with a global regulatory updater. What’s in it for you? Here are their reports in the open.

The Monthly Fintech Updater covers regulatory matters on post-trade DLT across the globe. It is posted publicly in the news flow on Norton Rose Fulbright’s blog Regulation Tomorrow with a delay of some week. Email subscriptions to the blog can single out any or all of nine regional scopes across the world, but either geographic choice should include the notices of the same global fintech updater.

There is no page isolating the fintech updater specifically, but this search string will catch many of the historical publications. To download the latest one, though, click here; it is 18 pages and dated per 28 February. Its content includes looks at
• how the EU’s three financial supervisory authorities are recommending further action on digital finance and strengthening the supervision of “BigTech”,
• how a legislative review of Europe’s crypto-assets “travel-rule” proposal continues,
• a recent Italian initiative in crypto-related services
… and more.


Group formed in Davos

Norton Rose Fulbright describes the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) as the leading industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, having been launched in Davos in 2017. Its Post Trade Distributed Ledger Group (PTDL) has a history going back even longer, to 2015, featuring some 80 “financial, legal and academic firms in GBBC’s membership”.