On stage during PostTrade 360 Copenhagen last week, SIX Group’s Roy Kirby made the case for taking commercial opportunities offered as spin-offs from adaptation to regulations.

Heavy reporting and compliance requirements weigh heavily on many people’s shoulders along the value chain of securities handling. But are we reaping all the benefits we could when it comes to marketing those insights and structures as strengths in our service offer?

Roy Kirby, senior product manager with SIX Group, does not think we are.


”Start to think of compliance not just as a cost burden – but as an advantage, going forward, for the business.”

Enter a new era

”Fast-forward to a new era of compliance data management” was his topic in Copenhagen. One of Roy Kirby’s predictions is that information providers such as his own company will increasingly package ready-made system solutions that correspond to specific regulatory challenges.

Cutting alternatives

Roy Kirby’s presentation followed a panel session on alternative assets – a class where returns can be outstanding but whose administration can be tediously manual due to lack of document standardisation. Referring back to this, Roy Kirby made the case for working hard on standardising data to enable efficiencies and automation.

”It seems old-fashioned and boring, while we talk about alternatives giving 20 percent returns and those sorts of things … but robust data models and standards are the things that drive automation.”