VIDEO | With the prominence of ESG investment strategies, increasing investor appetite, two years of SRD II and a finreg melting pot that includes SFDR, CMU and CSRD, the industry can expect the volume of voting at general meetings to increase year on year. This Stockholm panel dug into the topic.

The session was sponsored by Broadridge.

On Wednesday, the hundreds of delegates at Stockholm’s spectacular Space Arena could enjoy a discussion with …
Flemming Merring, Senior Product Manager, Euronext Securities, and
Scott Grant, Director – Business Change, Broadridge, under moderation by
Virginie O’Shea, CEO & Founder, Firebrand Research.

Attention on corporate governance has seldom, if ever, been as critical as today and regulation continues to drive change as regulators look to grow shareholder democracy.

The trends could require participants in the investment lifecycle to adopt the harmonization and interoperability agenda in order to achieve further automation.

Watch the session video here!

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