Barclays and ABN AMRO are the international banks onboarded so far – in addition to the larger group of domestic Nordic players – and more are in the pipe. PostTrade 360° Oslo saw a Wednesday morning chat between LCH’s Delphine Feyrit and Oslo Børs’s Anders Holen on the new dynamics under Euronext’s market operations and LCH’s clearing.

Delphine Feyrit is head of listed derivatives with LCH SA, and Anders Holen head of derivatives at Euronext-owned Oslo Børs.

Anders Holen dug into the complex history.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“We used to have a long term partnership with the London Stock Exchange derivatives markets. When that ended in 2019, we lost a lot of the international members,” says Anders Holen.

“At the same time, we were working on the migration project, because as everyone knows, Euronext acquired Oslo Børs in June 2019. Of course, Euronext wanted to leverage on the existing infrastructure, especially our own trading technology, the Optiq platform. Also, it made sense to move the clearing of the derivatives from SIX to LCH SA, where all the other markets are cleared, because we needed to get back the members we lost. It make sense to try to remove as many barriers of entry for new members as possible – and to remove those barriers, we needed to harmonize.”

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