While the well-renowned Swedish start-up scene may still have an edge, Norway is increasingly benefiting from taking after many of the key drivers of the Swedish SME ecosystem. Nasdaq’s president of European markets Bjørn Sibbern summed up the current scenery at PostTrade 360° Oslo.

“Sweden has a long Nordic lead in its ability to create successful small and medium-sized companies. This is due to a unique ecosystem where investors with capital, banks, advisors, regulators and exchanges have been able to work together to help entrepreneurs raise capital and create jobs and grow their companies – in some cases all the way into the likes of Spotify, Oatly and Klarna,” said Bjørn Sibbern.

Although Sweden maintains this, it is encouraging to see that Norway in recent years has started to take after many of the key drivers of the Swedish SME ecosystem.”

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Taking a high level view, Bjørn Sibbern also gave summary of the covid-19 effects, as he sees them.

“The global pandemic has tested the world industry. In addition to coping with huge volumes and volatility on our exchanges, we’ve all been challenged to manage a remote workforce, engage with clients across the globe facing their own struggles. Technology has been a tremendous support as we have worked to remain resilient,” he said, promising that his own company will continue to carry the banner for even more of it.

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