Swiss-based trade group International Securities Services Association (ISSA) has released the latest version of its annual “DLT in the Real World” survey. With data gathered from 359 financial services organisations across the globe, Colin Parry, ISSA’s CEO, explained in a statement that the report aims to provide comprehensive insight on how industry members are “planning, progressing, and realising” their DLT ambitions in the real world.

Survey participants included custodian banks, investment banks, exchanges and CSDs. This being the fourth year the survey has been carried out since its inaugural edition in 2020, observations could be made on the evolution of DLT in the industry as well as changes over time.

The report finds that DLT deployments are more common in the industry now than before – 39 percent of respondents are live with DLT compared to the 32 percent last year. 75 percent say that their DLT projects are delivering as expected, but it could be due to a shift in expectations – eight percent less are expecting DLT implementations to show returns in a year compared to the results from 2022, while most (39 percent) expect returns to be seen only in three to five years. Achieving cost efficiencies is the core focus for DLT projects, cited by 28 percent of respondents.