Mingling in the final coffee break of PostTrade 360° Copenhagen, on Thursday 12 October, we were lucky to meet Joakim Landby, Theresia Olsson Pertlwieser and Stephanie Carp – all operational pros with Sweden-based web broker Nordnet. The practical application of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, was the topic topping their relevance list. 

By Ho Yun Kuan and Alexander Kristofersson

“There have been a lot of interesting topics, for sure. I work on the more technical side so the AI session this morning was really exciting – especially how you can integrate the AI into your daily business for the back-office departments. That is something really close to my heart,” says Joakim Landby, who, like Stephanie Carp, is Abasec System Manager. 

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“I think that will be key, going forward, to keep up with the development and stay competitive, to reduce operational costs and to focus on real problems instead of re-occuring ones.”

Theresia Olsson Pertlwieser, Head of Settlement, adds the T+1 sessions to the list, and Stephanie Carp agrees: 

“The T+1, and T+0, discussions are interesting, as the US and Canada are moving to T+1 and the UK is planning to do it in 2025. I also thought it was interesting to listen to the session about the T2S integration [in Finland], to see how companies like SEB and Citi have been thinking about the experience, and how they have been doing in the past weeks. That is something we were working with, too.” 

Theresia Olsson Pertlwieser singles out machine learning as the most directly applicable side of the technology, with broader aspects of AI lying further ahead: 

“There are still a lot of questions, I would say.”

Speaking about the future, anything you still look forward to for the rest of the conference?

“Obviously, the band,” says Joakim Landby, with reference to Isaac And The Soul Company. 

“… and the dinner,” Stephanie Carp completes his sentence. “And, of course, doing some mingling with the other people here, to see what they are thinking about the future.”

Unable to stay as late this day, Theresia Olsson Pertlwieser eyes coming instances of the event: 

“I have missed something around the employees who work with the tech and in the operations. That is something I would like to hear more about in the next PostTrade 360° conference.”