Many talk broadly of the ongoing sustainability revolution. On Friday, in PostTrade 360° Stockholm, Fredric Nyström of the Öhman Group dug into the concrete work an investment manager goes through in daily work to make it all come about.

Fredric Nyström is the Öhman Group’s head of responsible investment.

The point is not to fill in all the information about all the companies – but to nail the material issues by doing it right and efficiently. By the Öhman Group’s strategy this is not related to particular products, but an integrated part of the business and the process in everything the firm does.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Talking to the target company’s management is important, but ticking boxes with them is not enough. The discussion among the investment professionals must be based on broad data available.

“We really use the data to make our own assessment, to discuss the issues and looking at how the company has behaved.”

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