VIDEO | With an extra brain in each of its eight arms, the connective capabilities of an octopus can serve as a role model for today’s asset servicer. A keynote at PostTrade 360° Stockholm, by Camille Papillard of BNP Paribas Securities Services, went to a new type of depth.  

With cost pressures increasing and expectations about value creation shifting, custodians are in the process of transforming themselves. Becoming diverse department stores, some would say. Camille Papillard prefers the vision of a mollusc.

Increasingly, custodians seek to provide diverse technical capabilities and operational insights, in both an integrated and tailored manner. The next step in the evolution could be all about connectivity and close relations, leveraging distributed intelligence. Throwing things at a remote client that the client doesn’t need, just won’t cut it.

Camille Papillard is Head of Financial Intermediaries and Corporate Client Line EMEA, Securities Services, BNP Paribas. 

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