Would street and subway advertisement be the logical medium to market an exchange and a custody service for cryptocurrencies? Well, the famous Winklevoss twins just answered yes.

”Crypto without chaos”, reads the slogan, in man-sized print, along the campaign tour bus of Gemini, a New York financial technology company. Gemini, funded by business profiles Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, aims to offer a leading exchange as well as custody service for holders of crypto-based assets.

Promotion – and education

With their major advertisement campaign, visible in the New York subway and other places across the city, the company seeks both to promote its offerings and to educate people, says Gemini’s head of marketing Chris Roan, quoted by news site Marketwatch.


”This is the first big campaign and we felt it was important to tell a story about the company, but also address what the retail investor is thinking”, he says.

Calling for regulation

One of the messages is that the cryptocurrencies market needs to be regulated.

”It’s the people’s movement”, said Chris Roan.

”It’s going to mature so we have to get out there and hear their concerns, like security and other consumer protection.”

Featured in Facebook movie

In the broader public many first came to know about he near-identical twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in connection with disputes about the founding of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was accused of essentially stealing the idea from the brothers, an episode vividly enacted some years ago in feature film The Social Network. Since then, however, they have built themselves a strong position in the cryptocurrency landscape.