Enterprise DLT and services firm R3 has launched R3 Digital Markets, which it described in a press release as a “new suite of end-to-end digital solutions”. Powered by R3’s tokenisation platform, Corda, the product suite is designed as a one-stop shop that enables interoperability, preparing businesses to “manage both digital and traditional assets effectively” in the regulated markets of the future.

R3 Digital Markets comprises four R3 solutions: R3 Digital Currency for the full lifecycle management of digital currencies; R3 Digital Assets for tokenisation solutions and management of digital asset exchanges; R3 Digital Connect for the integration of existing systems and DLT networks; and R3 Digital Lab, a cloud-based collaborative lab equipped to handle custom use cases in the path to production for DLT projects.

R3 has revealed that it aims for R3 Digital Markets to “modernise infrastructures and lay the groundwork for regulated networks that are not built in silos”. The roll out of the new product suite will be led by Kate Karimson, who has been named its chief commercial officer.