HSBC has launched ETF Platform Solutions, a new end-to-end platform providing asset servicing solutions to issuers of exchange traded funds (ETFs) globally. Targeted at issuers who require the full breadth of HSBC’s markets and securities services capabilities, the platform features the ETF Order Management system powered by fund solutions provider Calastone, which delivers real-time processing and monitoring capabilities through the whole ETF creation and redemption lifecycle.

The real-time functionality is made possible by Calastone’s cloud-based Distributed Market Infrastructure. In addition, HSBC’s digital data integration interfaces facilitate the output of live analytics to ETF issuers as order executions are completed. Other services available include ETF seeding, HSBC’s ETF fair value algorithms, and swap provision.

In a press release, Calastone describes its technology as a “scalable solution”. HSBC expects that the platform would improve its operational and infrastructure efficiency when processing large volumes of ETF orders across the globe.  

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