VIDEO INTERVIEW | Everyone’s excited about AI, but as numerous reports online detailing experiments with ChatGPT have shown, machine intelligence could sometimes miss the mark. Is the hype around AI exceeding its limited adoption in post-trade operations? Can a robust data strategy help AI step up to expectations when tackling diverse data formats? Marion Leslie, head of Financial Information at SIX Group shares her opinion with us at Sibos 2023.

Despite its promises, technology is not meant to replace human knowledge or the human touch. “(AI) is a tool. It doesn’t replace the need for understanding what’s at the core and ensuring the quality, but it helps us manage – as a tool,” Marion Leslie explains. Because it’s a tool that is used more now than ever before, providers – such as SIX – are faced with new challenges.

“As customers tend to start to use data in applications and in these technologies more, the way we provide data changes. APIs (application programming interfaces), cloud – anywhere, any provider, any location – making the data application AI ready is one aspect. The other aspect is… making sure that our customers are ready to fufill their regulatory obligations with the data sets.”

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

She cites ESG as one area where data management has proven to be valuable, saying, “these new data sets are hugely disparate. There’s no single source, so its aggregation and dissemination becomes key in organisations like ours, whose business it is to collect, aggregate, normalise, and structure data”.

Marion Leslie was on stage on the second day for a session titled “Making the most of post-trade data: Cloud, AI, and real-time analytics” with:
Philip Brown, CEO, Clearstream,
Grace Lee, senior vice president and chief data & analytics officer, Scotiabank, and
Sinead McIntosh, managing director – financial institutions, Brown Brothers Harriman and Co.

Sibos 2023 played out in Toronto from 18 to 21 September, with about 9,000 registered delegates. We were there, producing mainly video interviews, but also some text pieces. Overview our coverage here.