Fintech firm Broadridge has launched OpsGPT, a new AI platform that it claims will help operations users, analysts, and management teams “transform their operations across the post-trade lifecycle”. Powered by generative AI (GenAI) and large language model (LLM) technology, the solution provides real-time visibility of transaction, settlement, and positions data for “faster fails resolution, researching next best actions, and prioritising key risk items”.

A press release announcing the platform’s launch revealed that “the new application is a direct response to industry and regulatory changes”, in particular, the reduction of settlement cycles and “continuous quest for efficiency”.

The AI in OpsGPT has been trained on “curated and harmonised data from Broadridge’s global multi-asset post trade systems” and is designed to “streamline access, connectivity and understanding of data across multiple asset classes”. It has been integrated with Broadridge’s existing post trade solutions for seamless use. It also offers clients the flexibility to switch between different models based on their needs and risk governance processes.  

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