“The future of finance is the full digitisation of assets like shares and bonds”, says BlackRock’s Larry Fink, reported by DL News. The global investment giant launched its first tokenised fund, BUIDL, on public blockchain Ethereum in late March. It has drawn around US$286 million to date.

According to DL news, the fund acts as the first major test case for institutional investors to experience 24/7 instant settlement. Although other firms, such as Franklin Templeton, have moved into tokenised funds earlier, BlackRock’s US$10 trillion status positions its fund as potentially the largest, according to the news outlet. 

The launch of BlackRock’s fund can also been seen as significant because it brings together firms from both the traditional world, including BNY Mellon, and the crypto world, including Coinbase and Fireblocks.

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DL News identifies a growing interest in tokenised funds and states that UK Finance has estimated that digital assets could represent 10% of the global securities market by 2030, about US$5 trillion.